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E.G.T. Ramstein BLACK


To start your individual and specific consultation and intervention we have to provide a firm and compact base. The Initial Evaluation contains an health and nutrition questionnaire, screening, analysis.


These steps will provide the structure for the included consultation and are necessary for the layout of your intervention plan.


Take the first step and book your first session today.

We provide a premium consultation and coaching for an individual and realistic nutritional and habit transformation and optimization.


You will find specific categorization such as:

• Metabolic type

• Eating habit

• Digestion attributes

• Nutritional profile

• Activity level • Allergies

Autoimmune dysfunctions

• Weight management

• Metabolic dysfunctions


Enjoy our premium and individual personal training service. After your initial screening, evaluation and intervention plan we start in a motivated fashion and help you to push through your personal goals. Expert coaching and training for the best outcome.

Start now and take the first step towards your goal!

Enjoy our evidence based physical therapy treatment. Our therapists are specialized in orthopedic impairments and our goal is to support you with the necessary therapy. The improvement of your movement quality and overall quality of life is our main objective.

For a prolonged treatment, training and sports specific care we work closely with a regional partner in Ramstein, so you have the benefit of a full spectrum treatment approach.

Book your first appointment now!

Reward yourself with one of our premium massage therapy services. We offer a large spectrum of specific massage services, such as wellness massage, deep tissue, sports massage and more.

Don't hesitate and book your first massage appointment today.

In our network you will find support for all of your day-by-day needs. From short time housing, car rental, city guide, doctor appointments, traveling, events to restaurant guide, we will help you to get settled in and get around.

E.G.T. Ramstein BLACK

See what our patients have to say

E.G.T. Ramstein BLACK
Been with Charlie for almost 6 years and he has helped my husband and I with numerous physical therapy, massage, and weight loss/ exercise.
Highly recommended, fluent in English and German. Friendly and goal-oriented for great results.
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