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Elite Group Therapy Ramstein

Charlie Clay

Am neuen Markt 2

66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

(In the Miliby facility)

by Elite Group Concepts


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§ 32 SGB V therapeutic products (1) Insured persons are entitled to the supply of therapeutic products, unless they are excluded under Section 34. For therapeutic products not excluded under sentence 1, Section 92 remains unaffected. (1a) In its guideline, the Federal Joint Committee regulates the details of the supply of medicinal products to insured persons with long-term treatment needs in accordance with Section 92 (1) sentence 2 number 6. In particular, it must determine when there is a long-term need for therapeutic products and determine whether and to what extent an approval procedure is to be carried out. If the guideline provides for an approval procedure, a decision on the applications must be made within four weeks; otherwise the approval is deemed to have been granted after the deadline. If additional information is required from the applicant for the decision, the period until this information is received is interrupted. (1b) Regulations that go beyond the indicative treatment quantity regulated in the guideline of the Federal Joint Committee according to Section 92 (1) sentence 2 number 6 in conjunction with paragraph 6 sentence 1 number 3 do not require the approval of the health insurance company. (2) Insured persons who have reached the age of eighteen have to pay the cost of the remedies as an additional payment in accordance with Section 61 Clause 3 to the issuing body. This also applies if massages, baths and physiotherapy are provided as part of medical treatment (Section 27 Paragraph 1 Clause 2 No. 1) or in the case of outpatient treatment in hospitals, rehabilitation centers or other facilities. The additional payment for the remedies referred to in sentence 2, which are dispensed as part of the medical treatment, is calculated according to the prices agreed in accordance with Section 125 or set in accordance with Section 125b (2).

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